Selling your Naples Home

real-estate-services-naplesIf you are looking to sell your home you probably know, that having the right real estate agent to help you through the process can mean the difference between a painless transaction and a massive headache.

While it is possible to sell your Naples home by yourself -many people do – the process can be complicated and time consuming. When chosing to let me help you sell your home in Naples, you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that a professional will be with your every step of the way in this important process.


First Steps:

When you decide to work with me to sell your home, the first steps will be the most important, as they build the basis for everything else that happens from here on out. At this stage you and I should work together to devise the appropriate marketing strategy for your Naples home.

This first step involves figuring out your home’s place in the market. From pricing to finding the pros and cons regarding your property are following by putting all of this information together in an attractive format to entice buyers.

In order to present your home in the perfect light I use professional quality photography, copywriting and video.

Marketing your property:

When the foundation is completed, the most important step happens: getting the word out that your property is for sale. At this point I will market your property to potential buyers, looking for a home in Naples, FL. I use a broad range of online and offline sources to promote your home.

Also, to allow for easy showing your home (if you wish) can be held open for buyers to come see it without making an appointment first. An Open House is an ideal way to get a maximum of potential Naples home buyers through your front door in a minimum of time.

Closing the deal:

When it comes time to close the deal you can be sure that your are in good hands. During this important step I can help you complete all of the important steps to make sure the deal goes through without a glitch. From looking over offers to guiding you through the closing process I can be at your side every step of the way.