Logan Woods is a community that is big on flexibility and space. If you are looking for a home that affords you these perks, then Logan Woods is probably where you should be. Planned and gated communities are not always flexible and spacious but in Logan Woods, that is what you are going to get.

Logan Woods, sister neighborhood of Livingston Wood, is located between Pine Ridge Road and Vanderbilt Road. This community offers large, wooded lots. It is a family-oriented community where everything is just quiet and laid-back and residents are just life-loving. The community has gone so far as to change street designations from numbers to names to give it a warmer feel, which is appropriate for a classic neighborhood where everybody knows everybody.

Lots go from 150 feet to 650 feet deep, giving owners plenty of room and the space that they need. You can have your very own horse barns, guest cottages, tennis court and even a swimming pool. The entire community is abundant in plantings, natural flora and tall trees that just add to its privacy. Here at Logan Woods you get the home you dream of, the lifestyle you prefer to live with in an exquisite setting.

This neighborhood is within a larger community – Golden Gate Estates. It is considered to be the largest subdivision in the country covering over 100 square miles of land. Living here means that you are only 20 minutes from Naples and its beautiful beaches, 30 minutes from the international airport and best of all, less than 5 minutes away from Interstate 75.