Cove Towers is a high-rise community made up of five different towers. It is located off of Wiggins Pass Road in the Tarpon Cove community and has the most spectacular view of Wiggins Bay, the Gulf of Mexico and all nearby nature preserves.

Residents of the towers are treated to the wonderful views each morning, while they sip coffee or read the paper looking out of their windows. During the night, the sunset over at Wiggins Bay is a sight to behold that surely many of the residents are fortunate to witness.

Aruba at Cove Towers is the first among the five luxury high-rise towers. It was built facing the west with the perfect view of the Gulf of Mexico. Like Aruba, Bequia is also facing west and both of them are 15 stories high. It is the second tower that stood tall at Cove Towers. The third among the five towers is the Caribe at Cove Towers, an 18-story high-rise completed in the year 2000. Montego, the fourth, was completed in 2002. Lastly, the Nevis at Cove Towers was completed not too long ago, in the year 2004. Each unit has a floor space ranging from 1600 to 2700 square feet, which is plenty of room for residents to enjoy their chosen lifestyle.

Residents of any of the five towers at Cove Towers are treated to a membership to the tarpon Cove Yacht and Racquet Club. The club includes amenities such as restaurants, classic clubhouse, tennis courts, a relaxing pool with pool bar and a lounge. Aside from that, residents of the two latest towers become an exclusive member to the Calypso Club. This club also features many amenities such as a social room, swimming pool, fitness center and many more. Even with the amenities that the clubs are able to offer, residents can seek out other forms of activities outside the community without a problem. The community is near beaches, shopping and established restaurants as well as championship golf courses.